Re: N1MM+ with MMTTY

Daryl Popowitch

Hello Rich,
Thank you for this information as I have never see it before, at least in my readings of the manual for N1MM+.   If it truly is not in there, perhaps a note would reduce anxiety levels.   Since the screen came up, I assumed it was fully functionally implemented in the code.   Silly me!
Daryl - N8AID

On 8/2/2019 10:11 PM, ve3ki wrote:
The only real purpose for the MMTTY window during routine operation is for its tuning indicator(s). If N1MM+ is handling PTT, as is usual in many AFSK setups, the TX button in MMTTY won't do anything useful, because it has no access to the rig's PTT. Use the TX button on the N1MM+ Digital Interface window for this purpose. If that sends a steady tone and you want it to send diddle, open the MMTTY Option > Setup window, select the Tx tab, and in the top left corner set DIDDLE to LTR.

Rich VE3KI

On Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 09:12 PM, Daryl Popowitch wrote:

The diddle button on the MMTTY panel, that is launched from N1MM+ when RTTY is started, does not key the rig nor generate RF.   N1MM+ buttons, when clicked on, do key the rig and RF is generated (my call, 'agn, agn', TU, etc.).   Rig is set for VOX operation and data mode.

Environment is K3S, USB cable from PC to rig, MTTY is version 1.70K.

Should clicking on the MMTTY diddle button key the rig?   If so, anyone have hints on what to check to make this happen?


Daryl - N8AID

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