Re: Record on the Fly - with USB cable and IC-7300

John Bednar

The radio monitor level varies the mic audio level before the MIC mixer. Increase the radio audio level if it is low.

If the radio monitor level is too high the MIC mixer adjust can not be low enough to prevent clipping and distortion during the recoding. Look at the Logger+ Audio monitor display and adjust the recording level for peaks between 70 and 95%.

Be sure to listen to your transmitted audio. It sounds better then the radio monitor. 

Finally, Win7 has a bug that causes the recording level to be very low. This was fixed in Windows versions after Win7. 

There is nothing wrong with N1MM Logger+ the problem is with the recording & playback levels. I used a ic7300 for years and now a ic-7610. 

John, K3CT 

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From: Knut Meland <knut.meland@...>
Date: 8/2/19 6:26 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [N1MM+] Record on the Fly - with USB cable and IC-7300

I get low volume and baffled audio when I play recorded messages. 
Setup is IC-7300 connected to PC (Windows 10 home) by USB cable. 
Headset connected to radio.
Monitor level on radio set ON (25, 40, 65 and 100 %)
Settings Config>Audio Logger+ Setup: Montor: Levels sett to max.Playback SO1V/SO2V Single soundcard and Speakers USB-Audio CODEC Message recording set to USB-Audio CODEC, sample rate 8000.
Windows setting for sound output and input are sett to max.
Using F1 CQ,{CAT1Hex FE FE 94 E0 28 00 01 FD} to trigger recorded messages in the radio gives a much better audio.
Still I am interested to investigate into the matter of gettering a better wav-file using record on the fly.
73 de Knut LA9RY

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