Re: Windows 1903 Update


One of the side effects of Microsoft Windows 10 updates that surprised me was losing the paths to pinned documents in both Word and Excel in Office 2019, the installed Office, not Office 365 which is partially in a cloud.  A brief search for a Microsoft knowledge base (KB) dialog lead to one that basically says it happens, look for the documents, open them and reset the pin paths.  I find this response indicative of inadequate testing and finding a means to avoid breaking these paths.

The commit charge (the amount of RAM Windows 10 consumes just to run) on my PC found using Task Manager is about 4 GB with nothing else running.  While replacing your spinning HD with an SSD is a good idea, you may find that with insufficient RAM, your PC will be paging from SSD to RAM and back making it sluggish.  You may not be able to add RAM to get to 8 GB to avoid paging.  It is sad that some of the Windows 10 PCs sold on TV shopping channels only have 4 GB RAM.

If you are shopping for a new PC or motherboard, chose one with M.2 technology for the SSD.  The SSD is packaged on a circuit board about the size of 3 match books side by side and plugs directly onto the motherboard.  M.2 is screaming fast because it uses multiple PCI Express lanes, while an SSD on a ribbon cable uses only one lane.  As an alternative to a bulky new desktop PC, consider an Intel NUC8 or one of its siblings. 

Bob R - N7WY

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