Re: YCCC SO2R+ box and Yaesu FT dx-3000

Patrick Herborn


Just a random thought....

If the FTDX-3000 is "seeing" the CW signal but not generating a carrier then
it COULD be down to the break-in setting. Certainly on Icoms you have
the choice between none (so you can practice your sending without needing
a dummy load), semi- (kinder to relays but you won't hear others in
your spaces) and full- (harder on relays but QSK possible).

The other thing that happens on Icoms (but I suspect this is not your
issue) is that using the mic PTT whilst in CW mode will cause the rig
to switch to TX but there will be no modulation - ie the output stage
powers up to quiescent current, but you will not generate a carrier
until it sees the Key line driven....

Hope this helps,

Pat. (M0MGO)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.   My choice of words was not the best and you are correct in that the SO2R box includes a Winkeyer chip for keying CW.

What you describe is accurate.  But my issue is that the 3000 doesn’t recognize any keying from the SO2R box.
I have tried the front and rear jacks. I have triple checked the continuity of the cable I made (it was my first suspect).

The 857 works FB on CW with the SO2R box. I have used radio 1 and radio 2 ports on the SO2R  box to drive the 857 and it works as expected on both.  So I know the SO2R box is ok.

The keying occurs via pins from the SO2R box and not through USB so you are correct.

Keying a paddle connected to the SO2R box will trigger PTT but the 3000 refuses to key the CW.

Placing a meter on the CW pin and ground pin from the SO2R box shows a CW signal is generated when a paddle connected to the SO2R box is keyed. The 3000 just does not seem to acknowledge it.

Which is why I suspected a menu setting may be the culprit.

Thanks for  your comments!  I’ll keep working on it.


Jason K8JT

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