Re: Spectrum window crash / spot persistence

Patrick Herborn

Quick update on this front...

Last night I was once again able to use N1MM+ on the laptop with the
IC-7300 which had previously caused a crash to happen, even when in
the good USB socket.

Whilst it did not crash per se (yay!) it did on three occasions reset
the spectrum window - ie not just pause it during TX, but actually
wipe it clean of waterfall data. This was not an issue per se, the
spots remained so no harm done.

These three resets ALWAYS happened either during, or just after TX.
The IC-7300 is set to EDGE mode not CENTER, so it doesn't output
any spectrum data during TX, but I would have thought that the
spectrum code would already be aware of / know how to deal with
an IC7300/7610/9700 saying "can't give you that right now".

Best regards,

Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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