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Patrick Herborn

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There are exceptions to the "always work dupes" rule. For example,
if you log a dupe in the IARU HF Championship (last weekend), you
are penalized three QSOs. Most contests don't do this, but given
that a few do, it behooves serious contesters to read the rules
first. I'm a semi-serious contester, but routinely fail to read
the rules. I have learned a few painful (sunburn painful, not
3rd-degree burn painful) lessons by being ignorant.
Jim's words are sage advice. I can only imagine the off-topic suggestion
came from the fact that I found the behaviour of the Tab to be
"inconsistent" by accident....

Imagine for a moment that you're S&P and you catch a glimmer of a
callsign that IS NOT in the history, so you Tab, which fills in
the empty fields other than the Locator. You then realise that
station is also S&P, so you Shift-Tab back to the Callsign to
input the station that IS calling CQ, only to then find that the
Locator does not get filled in, despite it being in the history -
unless you press the Space bar. *THAT* is what I meant by
"changing my mind" - as opposed to realising it is a DUPE and
thus "changing my mind". It seems that F12 is your friend here.

Jim is dead right regarding WORKING dupes - as pointed out there
is a reason that his/her logger is not flagging it up as a dupe!
It is probably due to an error in the callsign, so it behooves
you to x-ref the logs so as to correct any errors to avoid

You are of course right to point out that it pays to know the rules -
if you know you don't get penalised and will just lose the points for
the original bad entry but get them back for the now-good entry then
fine, just log it, but if you get penalised for the bad entry, then try
to fix it :)

Now that I know the behaviour exhibited by N1MM+, this part of it
worked like a charm last night on the laptop :)

73 and CU all on the bands,

Eric NC6K
Best regards,

Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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