How do I Configure N1MM+ ver 1.0.7841.0 for Flex 6600, RTTY, MMTTY

Neal Pollack

I had RTTY and N1MM+ / MMTTY working in the past using Tim's document here:

Last night, after six months, I re-started N1MM+ and it updated to the July 2019 version 1.0.7841.0.

I can't seem to get it to work now (MMTTY).   If I start N1MM+ and open the digital window, or if I start directly MMTTY,

I get an error dialog pop-up that says specifically:

Cannot open 'COM9' at '45' baud; if the selected serial port
can't handle this baud rate, use EXTFSK.   OK

I looked into Windows Device Manager to make sure that COM is there.
I then looked at FLEX SmartSDR CAT to make sure my COM9 was still there;
It says;
Slice_A FlexVSP PTT
Serial: COM9
Slice: A
Auto Switch TX
Process:  N1MMlogger
Polarity: Active Low

I tried searching the forums.
OK, Ignore that approach;

Is there anyone on this forum that is currently using (July 2019) the latest version of N1MM+ with a RTTY setup with MMTTY, that would be willing to share their MMTTY config/setting for the Port?   A RTTY contest is coming up this Saturday, and it would be fun to get this working, if someone can share their setup or indicate where Tim's article, linked at the top, needs to change for 2019?

Sincere Thanks in advance,

Neal   N6YFM

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