Re: Recovering N1MM Logger+ from dead computer (Redux)


Do not copy the C:\Program Files(x86)\N1MM Logger+ directory from the old hard drive. If N1MM+ is already installed on the backup PC, then everything in that directory was put there when you installed the program on that PC. Overwriting it won't make anything better and might screw things up by overwriting something with an out of date version. Besides, none of your logs and databases are in there anyway. Those are all in the Documents\N1MM Logger+ directory (unless you have put some of them somewhere else).

Installing N1MM+ on the backup PC should also have created the C:\Users\George\Documents\N1MM Logger+ (user files) directory and populated it with the basics, to which you have now added whatever files were created or used for the IARU contest. You do not want to overwrite those newer files with old ones from the old computer, because that will lose your IARU log and any other files you created for that contest. So, when copying files from the old user files area, don't overwrite newer files already on the hard drive with older ones from the old hard drive. When copying a file with the same name as an existing file in the destination location, Windows 7 gives you the option of which file to keep. Always keep the file with the newer date.

In particular, don't copy the n1mm logger.ini file from the old hard drive to the new one. Unless the two computers were identical and Windows enumerated all of the serial ports and sound card devices in exactly the same order on both computers, the hardware configuration will be different, and the old n1mm logger.ini file will not work properly on the new PC.

If there was a ham.s3db database on the old hard drive that contains logs you want to keep, don't copy it over top of the new file. Instead, rename it to something like ham-old.s3db before copying it. You will be able to access those files by using the File > Open Database... menu item to select the old database and open your old logs.

C:\N1MM Logger+ is not part of a standard install. I have no idea what you had in there, but if such a folder does not yet exist on the backup computer, you won't overwrite anything by copying it from the old hard drive, so that should be safe to do.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 09:32 PM, George W1EBI wrote:
I installed N1MM+ into a backup Windows 7 desktop and successfully operated in IARU last weekend.  A colleague at work has a disk recovery device, so I removed the hard drive from the dead desktop PC and EUREKA!!--the drive is intact and accessible!  My colleague is copying critical files and folders onto USB drives so I can put the backup PC into service with a complete historic version of my N1MM+ logs and databases.  I am planning to copy the following files:

C:\N1MM Logger+
C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+
C:\Users\George\My Documents\N1MM Logger+

All my databases will be included here.  I have exactly one log in the database HAM.s3db in the backup PC, but I want to basically copy the recovered files and folders from the USB drives into the backup PC--without screwing anything up.  Could I please have some advice from the development team on the correct way to do this?

George W1EBI

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