Recovering N1MM Logger+ from dead computer (Redux)

George W1EBI

I installed N1MM+ into a backup Windows 7 desktop and successfully operated in IARU last weekend.  A colleague at work has a disk recovery device, so I removed the hard drive from the dead desktop PC and EUREKA!!--the drive is intact and accessible!  My colleague is copying critical files and folders onto USB drives so I can put the backup PC into service with a complete historic version of my N1MM+ logs and databases.  I am planning to copy the following files:

C:\N1MM Logger+
C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+
C:\Users\George\My Documents\N1MM Logger+

All my databases will be included here.  I have exactly one log in the database HAM.s3db in the backup PC, but I want to basically copy the recovered files and folders from the USB drives into the backup PC--without screwing anything up.  Could I please have some advice from the development team on the correct way to do this?

George W1EBI

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