Re: Tab / Space behaviour on VHF contests

Patrick Herborn

On Wed, 17 Jul 2019 14:24:54 -0700
andy@... wrote:

Things do appear to be very different across the pond, in the UK and Europe
genuine signal reports are routinely given in V/UHF contests, and at least
in the RSGB contests you WILL be penalised if you log any part of the exchange

After all the purpose of a contest is to pass information as quickly and
*accurately* as possible, not to make up the contact details for the log..
And indeed we can show UBNs for mismatched RS(T)s...

You may have noticed that Pat's callsign places him as English, so he is
also subject to these rules. and hence he has raised a perfectly valid query.
Very valid for us, yes :)

Perhaps we can now let someone answer Pats question.
Are you using the B4RTTY UDC for VHF or are you using MINOS ? If the
former, have you seen the behaiour that John describes, where even
a Tab completes the Locator ? Perhaps I have configure it wrong

As an aside, did I hear that right when I heard a glimmer of GM0AMD/MM
in IO66 square the other night ? :)


Pat. (M0MGO)

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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