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Patrick Herborn

On Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:36:17 +1200
"Ken McVie" <kenmc@...> wrote:

Hey Pat,
Hiya Ken!

you don't really believe your S meter [guess meter] do you??
Oooohhh... now THAT could be an entire forum's worth of
discussion in its own right ;)

It is certainly true that many rigs' S meters are not calibrated.
I seem to recall much consternation that Icom didn't properly
calibrate the S meter on the 7610 for example (something you might
HOPE they would have done on a rig in that price bracket)... but
then on the flipside, I believe that SDRPlay DID take the time
and expend the effort to ensure that the S Meter readings
from RSPs are true (ironic, given how many of those you
could buy for the price of a single 7610!).

In the present context though, we are REQUIRED to correctly
log received signal reports and we are penalised if we get
them wrong - so even if the meters are telling us lies,
we still need logs to match.

Best regards,

Pat (M0MGO)

On 18/07/2019 2:33 AM, Patrick Herborn wrote:
Good afternoon all!

This question / feature request pertains to the action of Tab and Space
when in a VHF contest. Space is most useful insofar as it will pre-fill
the locator information if pressed in the Callsign field (if using
history lookup), BUT in doing so it jumps directly to the received
serial box, pre-filling the sent and received reports with 59.

This behaviour is fine on HF contests, but we tend to send real signal
reports, which means one then has to go back to correct the pre-filled
signal reports. Occasionally one might have to correct the locator
for a /P but that's just life.

One way of avoiding this is to use the Tab key - this steps through
the fields and permits entry of RS(T) and serial, but then it doesn't
pre-fill the locator. Kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't.
It would be useful to have an option for Space (or some other key)
to pre-fill the locator only, and jump to the relevant next
field (as discussed below).

An additional improvement might be to change the Tab order of the
fields - again this is related to the use of real signal reports.
The default behaviour is to go from the callsign to the sent
signal report - this is fine in Run mode where you just have
to give the best report you can based on receiving just a callsign,
but in S&P you get your report from the Run station, which
allows a better determination of an accurate signal report, ergo
the sent report tends to get filled in last. It would be helpful
to have an option to change the tab (or space or other key) order to
Callsign->RxRST->RxSn->Loc->SntRST - perhaps tracking Run/S&P state.

These things may of course already be possible - I just haven't found a
way of doing it - in which case I should be grateful for any hints /
tips / instructions.

Best regards,

Pat (M0MGO).

Patrick Herborn <pat@...>

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