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I you want to try different versions in order to pin down just when the changed behaviour started, that is quite easy to do. Go to the N1MM+ web site at <>. From the menu bar on the web page, select Downloads > Program Files > Latest Update Info > Latest Update Files. This will give you a window with a list of updates going back about three months. By default, the list may start out with the oldest update at the top; you can click on the header of the Modified column once or twice to change the order so the most recent update is at the top. You can download any of the update files by right-clicking on the file name and selecting Download. The update installer will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.  Simply run it to install the version named in the file name, then you can run the program to check the behaviour of that version. To restore the program to the current version, just download the most recent update installer and run it.

There is a list of the various program changes at Downloads > Program Files > Latest Update Info > Latest Update History. This list may be a week or two out of date.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 04:42 PM, <andy@...> wrote:
We have been using N1MM and N1MM+ logger for many years, but just recently we have been having a problem.with the Grid square map,
As we are mainly interested in VHF / UHF contesting we have been using the grid square map, particulerally in contests using the first contact with each locator squares to give bonus points. This feature has therefore been extreamly useful.

Unfortunately around early July this stopped working, and when a locator is logged this is not reflected on the map,
If the Grid squares window is used, this does indicate locators which have been worked.

This appears to be an issue with or without a radio connected and on all bands, additionally I have used a number of VHF contests' templates and on two computers, both Windows 10..

As an additional test I fired up a computer which hasn't been used for some time and ran a few mock QSOs on an old version of N1MM+ this worked fine, I changed the contest template a few times these all worked correctly. I then allowed N1MM+ to update, this broke the Grid square map.

Could there be a bug in the latest updates? is there any way I could go back a couple of updates to further test this issue.

Thanks in advance


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