Re: Tab / Space behaviour on VHF contests

VE9AA - Mike

OK, but the 50's and paper were a lifetime ago.
We're talking about 2019 & computer logging.

BTW, I log all dupes as well !


My comments are not meant as confrontational....just trying to keep it realistic and on point.

Mike VE9AA

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 05:48 PM, Gilbert Baron W0MN wrote:

Very true but in the 50s I remember a lot of contests where people gave a real report. It seems crazy to even have it as part of the exchange. I do not know if checkers in the 50s bothered with that either. In the days of paper logs I bet it was much more allowed to have some errors as long as the calls and other really important thigs were exchanged. In big contests with many entrants I bet a lot of logs were not checked carefully at all. Those with no chance for any significant score.


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