Re: Which Telnet Cluster or Clusters?

Michael Walker


Yes, and no.  :)

Some clusters show all the spots that are sourced world wide.  For me, that is noise since I don't care if  G4 is working an A91.

On my cluster (va3mw-7 . port 41112) I limit spots to those in the NE of North America for a source, meaning that the station that heard the DX  actually logged it.  It means something to me if another VE2 or a NY station heard an A91 on 20M for example.  That is useful information since there might be a chance I can hear and actually work that station.

As well, all DX clusters have the ability to do some pretty fancy filtering so that you only see what you want to see.  Maybe you only want to see 6M spots.  You can do that as well.

You will get a bunch of answers.  You will find that later down the road that filtering is a pretty useful tool that you will use to get rid of the noise of the spots that are not any use to you.

Mike va3mw

On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 3:08 PM <jmatt387c@...> wrote:
Complete newb here.  I got N1MM up and running, and even hooked to a DX cluster and was able to click on some calls.  But what I can't figure out - are all clusters the same?  Do I need to find a cluster based near me?  Do I hook up to more than one cluster at a time?  Seems like a basic question.  Perhaps such a dumb question I should be embarrassed to ask, because I can't find the answer Googling.  Maybe I don't even know enough to know how to ask the question. 

How do I determine which cluster or clusters to hook up with in the Telnet window on N1MM?

Thanks all for bearing with me.

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