Re: PTT Problem with Winkeyer USB and Mixed Mode Contests

Gary Hembree

PTT locked on is caused by multiple PTT inputs to the K3.  Solution is to reset the K3.
Gary, N7IR

Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:55 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MM+] PTT Problem with Winkeyer USB and Mixed Mode Contests



I made the mistake this weekend when switching from FT8 to CW/SSB not placing the program back into CW or SSB mode. Closing the FT8 window doesn’t sent a new mode to the N1MM program.


I don’t think tapping the CW key is expected to cancel a voice message. Pressing the ESC key will cancel a voice message that is played with the N1MM audio player. I think what you describe is a K3 internal DVK feature.


PTT is locked on is typically caused by RF. If it was a N1MM software issue there would be many reports in a single weekend.


John, K3CT



From: [] On Behalf Of Ron Schwartz
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:40 AM
Subject: [N1MM+] PTT Problem with Winkeyer USB and Mixed Mode Contests


I don't know what is so unique about my setup that I keep running into Winkeyer PTT problems but I encountered another one in the ARRL VHF contest this weekend. Actually I first noticed this last year (I don't know which contest) but promptly forgot about it.

I operated SSB and CW, using ESM on CW and only sometimes on SSB since I didn't have a voice message recorded for the grid exchange. Here is the problem scenario which is reproducible. Operate CW, and all works well. Move to SSB. Provided I do not play any voice messages all is fine and when I switch back to CW it is still fine

If I play voice messages while on SSB it again works as it should. However, what now happens when I move back to CW is that the Winkeyer does not activate PTT. I can hear the CW message in the rig's monitor but it does not transmit since PTT is not activated. The only fix is to exit Logger and start up again, after which it works fine until the same sequence repeats.

In addition I still have the PTT issue I previously reported with paddle cancellation of voice messages. A new issue came up this weekend, that I cannot reproduce, that is related to voice message cancellation. In this case PTT was locked on, putting the rig into transmit. In this latter case the only solution was to power down the Winkeyer and exit Logger, then restart them in the same order.

Is it possible my setup is so unique that nobody else experiences any of this? After running into the previously reported issue again in WPX SSB I updated the Winkeyer to the latest firware (as of early April), but it didn't help.

Any suggestions?
73 Ron VE3VN

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