Re: Voicing callsigns

Lyubomir Slavov, OR2F


As you pointed:
When voicing the callsign, it will play full callsign or callsign letter combinations if they exist (k3.wav, ct.wav, or k3ct.wav)

Could you please share how should look the SSB function key F5 ?

With me,
F5 His Call,{OPERATOR}\{CALL}.wav,!
doesn't work, 5 files are to be played in serial "K3CT.wav+K.wav+3.wav+C.wav+T.wav" / (k3.wav nor ct.wav will be called).

It would be great to have some examples about function keys F2 and F5 regarding the following options just mentioned the manual chapter 

Function Keys, Messages and Macros

1. You can optionally also record a file called strokep.wav for the “/P” (portable) indicator (e.g. to send “stroke portable”, instead of “stroke papa” with the separate stroke.wav amd P.wav files).
If the Entry window callsign exists as a callsign.wav or a character group fragment (two or more characters/numbers) in this directory, the character group wav file is played when voicing the callsign. If any unvoiced remaining characters exist, they will be voiced as individual letter wav files.

Thanks in advance !

Leo / OR2F

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