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Ozkan Ozal via Groups.Io <>, 31 May 2019 Cum, 11:22 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

problem is solved
thanks vy 73,

26 Nisan 2019 Cuma 14:41:32 GMT+3 tarihinde, Tom Wagner (N1MM) <n1mmtomwagner@...>şunu yazdı:

AFAIK, the IC7700 does not support keying through its own USB cable.

A winkey compatible keyer is the recommended way to interface.

If you use a USB-to-serial adapter and transistor interface, make sure
the adapter is FTDI, NOT Prolific.


Tom - N1MM

On 4/26/2019 7:24 AM, Ozkan Ozal via Groups.Io wrote:
> I bought new icom ic-7700
> I have achieved digital communication (psk-rtty, etc.) no problem with
> n1mm
> but
> cw still not able to output with n1mm
> I can make a mistake in the settings in the n1mm software.
> if you have tested cw port
> Can you send the settings of the n1mm software as a screenshot
> or
> do you have a suggestion for me
> I don't understand the problem
> thank you for your help
> 73, de ta7i ozkan

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