Re: Programm sub windows & Kenwood radio

Terry Glagowski / W1TR / AFA1DI

I use 57.6 K speed for the COM port… faster response on CAT controls.


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )


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Good Day Walter
My name is Dennis N6NG... I just got a Kenwood TS-2000.  I've been having a heck of a time getting
my options set up in N1MM..  
Would you tell me what settings you use with your TS-2000.  I use a rig blaster also so I may be having problems wit that.  But, if I can a eliminate the N1MM options I I can go from there.

If you could post them here or email me some screen shots I would appreciate it very much..

What im using now is 9600 matched with Kenwood
   Handshaking Handshaking
   8. N 1

Thank you Walter

Dennis N6NG

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