Re: Problem setting up wsjtX-rc5 under N1MM umbrella

Jim Shepherd

    I have followed those instructions and re-checked them several times and I cannot transmit FT8. It appears that the WSJT-X window is not controlling the radio.  I can see the waterfall, but no transmit nor can I change the frequency/band from the WSJT-X window.
   Looking through the setup, when I set WSJT-X to use the DX Commander as a 'radio' it shows a baud rate of 4800 which I cannot change. N1MM and all other software that I use with my K3s runs at 38400. Do I have to change everything to 4800 baud to make this work?
   I am using a USB cable to connect the K3s to my computer and have no other software running on a Windows 7 computer.

Jim Shepherd, W6US

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