Problem setting up wsjtX-rc5 under N1MM umbrella

Lee Clayton

I have WSJT-X-rc5 running great on my 7610 using 1 cable.  Com3 is A port and Com4 is B port. 

I have followed all the instructions I can find on the N1MM website regarding setting up N1MM and WSJTX.  However, after I exit a good running WSJTX standalone and enter N!MM and call WSJTX I have radio settings set for DX Suite Commander as described.  However, when I ENABLE to start CQ calling it is not keying the 7610.  

When I exit the N1MM/WSJDT setup and try to run standalone WSJTTX again I get a rig control error even though nothing had changed.  I found that if I just turn off/on the radio that the standalone works great again without thte rig control error.

Anone have any suggestions as to where to begin searching in N!MM to make the two programs behave correctly?  I can provide screenshots but not sure where to begin with what screenshots to take

de Lee

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