WSJT problem

Lee Clayton

I know these are not the user groups fki apologize in advance if I or wsjt but their group is unresponsive so I will ask here as I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks using wsjt.

I have had it running up until I installed rc5 and several people here said to roll back to 2.01 if not satisfied with rc5 until July update.

Running on a Icom 7610.  WSJT starts fine and testing Cat control shows a green box.  I can receive multiple stations on 14.074/FT8.  When I start to transmit, I see the radio being keyed calling CQ several times until a contact is made.  Contact is logged and  I start CQ process over again.  Usually on second , third or fourth,etc. attempt at CQ after the QSO logged I get a rig control error.  I will attach a copy of the rig control settings and the error message.

Anyone see what might be going on? I will apologize in advance if I ruffle any feathers by posting on this board but Frustrating.....

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