Re: Mode switches from CW to Phone -- huh ?


This indicates that the program is in SSB logging mode, even though the radio is in CW mode. The quick fix is to type CW into the call sign box and press Enter, or click on one of the Band Panel CW buttons.

The most likely cause is in your Mode Control settings in the Configurer. If the default for "Mode recorded in log" ("Use radio mode") is selected, the program's logging mode should follow the radio, but if one of the other choices is selected, that can override the radio's mode. For example, if "Follow band plan" is selected and the frequency the radio is tuned to happens to be in the part of the bandplan designated for SSB, the program will log contacts in SSB even though the radio is in CW mode.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 08:33 AM, CW Morse wrote:
Occasionally during (CW) contests, I press F4 to send my call and a window pops up saying it can't find a WAV file, as if I'm in phone mode.  The K3S still says CW, and the title bar on the submission window says "7039.49 CW Elecraft K3 VFO A", as expected.  If I enter a call and hit tab, the signal report comes up as 59, not the expected 599. 
Restarting the N1MM+ and/or cycling the K3 power doesn't seem to get things back on track.  But something unknown happens and I'm back in CW mode (until later).
Operator error, no doubt.  What might I be doing wrong?
TIA   Don   K2BIO

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