Re: Newbie digital contesting question


Contest simulators designed to work with other logging programs will not necessarily work with N1MM+. Each logging program has its own interface for interoperation, and often these interfaces are not mutually compatible.

For CW, there is a special version of VE3NEA's Morse Runner contest simulation program available that interoperates with N1MM+. The instructions for using this are in the manual on the Configurer page (<> on the old web pages, or <> on the prototype new pages under test) - look for the check box called "MorseRunner Mode". The special version of the Morse Runner program can be downloaded from the Additional Support Files gallery at <>.

There is no equivalent for RTTY that comes immediately to my mind.

Rich VE3KI

On Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 08:11 AM, Lee Clayton wrote:
I am fairly new to contesting and am having troible with RTTY/CW contests due to speed. I have seen a simulated contesting software associated with WriteLog and wondered if anyone had used it and any reviews especially when using it with N1MM????

I have not found anything on the N2MM site that offers beginner help. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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