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Ozkan Ozal <ta7i@...>

I bought new icom ic-7700
I have achieved digital communication (psk-rtty, etc.) no problem with n1mm
cw still not able to output with n1mm
I can make a mistake in the settings in the n1mm software.
if you have tested cw  port 
Can you send the settings of the n1mm software as a screenshot
do you have a suggestion for me
I don't understand the problem
thank you for your help
73, de ta7i ozkan

26 Nisan 2019 Cuma 14:03:22 GMT+3 tarihinde, Larry K8UT <k8ut@...>şunu yazdı:


Nice catch! There seems to be something funky with text in Headers and Bullets. I have passed your findings in a Bug Report to the developer. Stay tuned...

-larry (K8UT)

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Hey Guys,

When testing out method #3 in the advanced search function:

                “METHOD 3: Put the text in quotation marks ” ” to search for pages on the website that contain THIS EXACT expression:

Well when I searched ‘"Print to file – Print the score summary to a file."’ It didn’t work.

But when I searched it without the quotation marks it worked fine.


Charles Hoppe – AA4LS


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