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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, that presents two problems. One is the low probability one of a reserved character that you mentioned. The other, more serious one, is that a notion of  the info you're looking for isn't good enough. You need the exact phrase. That will not be the case most often than not. I'm not smart enough to think of a fix that doesn't require a lot of labor to link topics with notional key words.  Maybe a third party search engine ($$)?
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On Wednesday, April 24, 2019 6:45 PM, Larry K8UT <k8ut@...> wrote:


I experienced the same issue: too many hits with SPOT ALL QSOS (not in quotes), zero hits with "SPOT ALL QSOS" (in quotes).

So I opened the PDF and did the same search. Zero hits. I don't think that exact expression exists in the manual.

Next, acting on a message from Pete N4ZR, I searched for the exact expression "SPOT ALL S&P QSOS" Zero hits again. But this failed Search was different. Turns out that the Search input field is HTML-sensing, and that & is a reserved character. This is not pretty ... but you can search for a reserved character if you know to use the HTML character code for those few reserved HTML terms. Like & and < and > and ". ugh!

So, how would you enter a search for a phrase with an embedded ampersand? replace the & with & a m p ;

Not sure how to explain this in the documentation... <sigh>

-larry K8UT

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