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Larry K8UT

gm, Terry

Thanks for sharing your observations. My comments are interspersed below

-larry (K8UT)

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Hi Larry,
I’ve had a bit of a go at this and was able to read documentation, the search seemed to work fine (though there’s a button called unlabelled 1 showing, that’s probably “search” or “go” that needs a label).
hmmm... where is that? Can you give me a screenshot? I do not see anything like you describe.

Sadly none of the downloads seemed to do anything for me, though the selected one was show, I couldn’t download it. Perhaps this material has yet to be added?
Downloads is fully operational. When you navigate to a file, right-click to download or select the download icon (a diskette) in the icon row. Right now the default action is to "Show" the file. I'll see if I can change the default (double-click) action to "Download"

I didn’t find an option to submit a bug report, except guidance on how to submit one via the List.
Bug Reports and Feature Requests are under >Support >Trouble Ticket. You will not see this menu choice unless you register and are logged-in

Happy to discuss further or test specific things as necessary.
Cheers and 73,
Terry, GM3WUX
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From: Larry K8UT
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2019 1:15 PM
Subject: [N1MMLoggerPlus] TESTERS WANTED: Prototype website
For the past two months the N1MM Dev Team has been working to migrate the current website and its 900+ pages of documentation to a new platform. The work is 100% Content-complete and 90% Feature-complete.
The Primary Goal of the migration is to improve the ease-of-use in installing, configuring, and operating N1MM+ in contests. We cannot reduce the manual's page count, but we think we can deliver better tools for browsing and searching those pages to find the answers that you seek. Hopefully these better tools will bring you quick access to the right information and make you more self-sufficient.
The Secondary Goal is to reduce the burden on the N1MM Dev Team members, who find themselves answering, re-answering and re-re-answering questions that are difficult to get answered on our current ill-equipped website. This new platform should deliver on that primary goal of self-sufficiency.
New Features
At first glance the new website looks like the old website, but under-the-covers things are very different. Some of the most significant improvements are:
  • Reduced Web-Page Count - the material in the new N1MM Manual section consists of 31 web-pages, reduced from the current 104 web-pages. Fewer but Larger web-pages should eliminate much of the page-flipping when looking for answers with a browser's <ctrl>+F find function
  • Expanded Menu - navigate to one of those 31 pages directly from the drop-down menu
  • Search and Advanced Search - it works. It's fast. Sorted by Relevance. Results are highlighted on the page
  • Bug Reports and Feature Requests - transparent, search-able. Read your BRs and FRs on-line. Read postings from other users, and the Dev Team's responses, before deciding if you need to submit one
  • Explorer-like File Download - click-able hierarchy should be easy-to-use and familiar to anyone on Microsoft Windows
  • Single-table Supported Contests List - all 400+ supported contests are listed in one table that can be sorted, searched and filtered. Rather than having to know where to look before you look: Is this a UDC contest? An HF contest? A QSO Party? ... 
The Challenge to N1MM+ Users
If you have any spare time, please spend a little on the prototype website. Experiment with the new features listed above - particularly the Search, Advanced Search and Contests List. Create a bogus Bug Report and Feature Request. Leave comments, suggestions and questions in the Comments sections of the Prototype Description page. We hope to take the new website "live" in a few weeks and need some diligent testing before throwing that switch.
-larry (K8UT)

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