Winkeyer 3.01.02 keying FSK RTTY with Winkey KEY2

Max NG7M

I have been able to successfully get Winkeyer to key FSK using the KEY1 port on my Winkeyer.  Latest Winkeyer firmware of course, 3.01.02.  I'm on the latest version of N1MM: 1.0.7639.0  Thanks for the effort working with K1EL on this. (using a K3S in SO2V mode to test this)

However, I would really like to use PTT1 and KEY1 for CW and PTT2 and KEY2 for FSK, or just one PPT, in this case PPT1 would be fine for both CW and RTTY. (if possible)

I see the options in the Config Winkey tab like this if Use 2nd Output is not checked:  

If I check the Use 2nd Output I see another Winkey RTTY check box:
Regardless as to how I configure the options, I can only get the FSK keying to work properly on KEY1 of the Winkeyer.

And there is an odd balloon popup that implies there is a newer Winkey firmware version, which isn't the case because I have verified this with Steve K1EL:

Could be that the KEY2/PTT2 functionality is still a work in progress?

Thanks for reading, Max NG7M

M. George

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