Re: Setting Up RTTY with Winkey 3.1

John N0TA

Thanks for the setup; however, not working yet. I am getting messages printing on the Digital screen, but not going to my K3. I have a cable from WinKey Key2 to the FSK input on the K3 (which is how I have wired other FSK methods). In Config/Hardware, I have Com5 set for WinKey, which is the way it is configured for CW. I looked for the possibility of another Com port for RTTY (Key2), but didn't find one. Can N1MM be setup for both WinKey CW and RTTY at the same time? FWIW, my WinKey version is 31.02, newest N1MM (with the WinKey RTTY code), Windows 10, K3.

Thanks for your help,
  - 73, John, N0TA

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