Re: Setting Up RTTY with Winkey 3.1

Rick Ellison


You no longer need to use 2-tone for Winkey RTTY. Open the main config in N1MM. On the digital tab you will see 2 dropdowns to select the interface type for each entry window. Select Winkey from the dropdown. While you’re there set the path to what type of receiver you want to use. (The program already knows the path to MMVARI so that not needed just the path’s to MMTTY/2-tone or Fldigi. Next move over to the Winkey tab and select that you want to use Winkey RTTY and select the keying port you want to use. Next click on the hardware tab and configure the port Winkey is on like you would have done for cw.

When you open the digital window you will see the top portion where received text will be shown and a command window in the middle this will show the commands being sent to and from the Winkey. And At the bottom will be the normal tx window. Once you have the Digital window open you will need to create 3 macro’s to use with the Winkey. If you right click on the TX or RX buttons it will bring up the macro editor. The 3 macro’s you need to config are located on the right side of the editor TX, RX, ESC for TX enter [ for RX enter ] and for ESC enter \ once you have those 3 you should be all set and able to use the Winkey directly in N1MM. If you ave any questions let me know. I have been using the winkey for the last couple of contests and have had no issues with it..


73 Rick N2AMG


From: [] On Behalf Of John N0TA
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: [N1MMLoggerPlus] Setting Up RTTY with Winkey 3.1


I can now select WinKey for RTTY. I have followed the K1EL setup guide, but not able to transmit. I am not printing the info I'm trying to xmit, not hearing the transmission. Using 2Tone, and not seeing a WinKey transmit option in the Setup menu. 

Has anyone successfully setup WinKey with 2Tone?
  - John


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