Errors in scoring in the Ontario QSO Party operation for Mobile/Rover on County Lines


The scoring for the Ontario QSO Party when operating as a mobile or rover has two problems. The OnQP has a bonus for activating counties by having at least 3 qsos from 3 different call signs in a county. The bonus is 300 points per activated county. Currently no check is being done for this.

The second error is more serious and applies to county line operation with two or more counties. The logging works great in both CW and SSB. However the problem exists for the second and subsequent entries in the log for that contact. When the first entry is logged a check is made to see if the contact qualifies as a new multiplier. This check is not made for the second and subsequent contacts with the same station in the additional counties.
An example would be a contact from a county line with three counties present, say HTN,PEL and TOR in that sequence.when contact with VE3EJ in NIA county is made, there are three log entries in the log. If this is a new county entry with no previous NIA contacts by band the log entry for HTN will have a new multiplier check mark in the log. The remaining log entries for PEL and TOR will have no multiplier check mark even if they do not have any previous contacts for the VE3EJ county. This is present even in the first entries at the top of the log when there are no previous entries of any kind. No check is being made for previous contacts by the county sent by VE3EJ in these additional county log entries..
This results in a much lower score for the log as many multipliers are being missed.
This error occurs only for logging by mobile/rover stations operating from multi county lines. Logging from a single county has no problems, and fixed stations do not have the problem.


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