Re: TESTERS WANTED: Prototype website

Jim Cooper

On 22 Apr 2019 at 19:27, Gerald Boutin (VE1DT) wrote:

Of course it is very useful and I am
sure that most know to use it. But it
doesn't tell you the N1MM+ contest
name abbreviation. Being able to
narrow down the choices for a given
period is a fantastic idea. Month
would be good and to the actual date
would be fantastic.

I could even get carried away here
and also suggest that the program's
"New Log" dialog could be enhanced
to offer "this weekend's choices"
instead of the full list.
Carried away indeed !! ;))

It might be more practical to see if we could
convince WA7BNM to include the 'N1MM Name'
in his listing ... more practical because the names
don't change, and thus would not have to be
updated all the time like a changing calendar
embedded in N1MM+ would need.

That approach would also tell "at a glance"
whether there IS an embedded contest setup
for a particular contest ...


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