Re: TESTERS WANTED: Prototype website

Matt Murphy

The new site looks great, thanks to all involved for the great work. One suggestion I have (which I have seen used very effectively) is to put a comments area on each page to allow questions to be asked about the content on that page.  

Then, periodically, someone can update the page's content to improve upon it so the questions that were asked would not have been asked, while at the same time deleting the questions that were addressed by updating the content and leaving a blank slate for the next round of clarifications/questions.

Matt NQ6N

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 7:34 AM VE2FK <duberger.miousse81@...> wrote:
Bravo Larry and the team.
Starting this week I will update Call History files on both site.

73 de Claude VE2FK

Le 2019-04-22 à 08:15, Larry K8UT a écrit :
For the past two months the N1MM Dev Team has been working to migrate the current website and its 900+ pages of documentation to a new platform. The work is 100% Content-complete and 90% Feature-complete.

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