N1MM logger for WWV special event


Hi all,


I’m part of a club putting together a special event station to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of radio station WWV.


Our plan is to operate 4-6 stations from 28, September through 1, October 2019 at the WWV site in Fort Collins, CO.


Please see:   wwv100.com


We are in need of operators that would like to come to Fort Collins and be a part of this special event.


I’ve been placed in charge of setting up station logging.   I am strongly leaning toward using N1MM as the logger for all stations.


What I don’t know and I’m wondering if the group here can answer some questions:


  1. Since this is not a contest in the true sense of the word do I need to work with N1MM developers for a special “non-contest” module that will allow the logging to work?   I see this as similar to a DXpedition where we simply need to keep track of CALL, FREQ, BAND, MODE, DATE, TIME.  We don’t really care about duplicates and there really is no score other than how many contacts we make.   Suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. When we have networked our 5-6 stations and all are running N1MM does each station get a complete copy of the database?  I know the instances do talk for duplicate checking, but I’m wondering about ensuring we have a good backup of the log data.
  3. During the event we will have a highspeed network link and we plan to upload to ClubLog.  What is the best way do to this?  I have not tried to set something like this up in N1MM and I’m not sure if it even can.  So how do DXpeditions log data to ClubLog?
  4. After the event is over we will need to take the full database and perform a number of tasks including submission to a QSL Bureau and probably LOTW   Same question:   What is the best way to accomplish this?


I realize some of these questions might be answered in some prior DXpedition notes so I’m looking for those right now.  If anyone knows of any DXpeditions that did similar things please point me to their websites or locations where I might be able to ask or access their operations data.


Thanks in advance.


I hope to see some of you in Fort Collins for this event!   We are expecting a lot of activity.


Mark – WS7M

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