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Larry K8UT


No. It is not possible to operate today's LPT ports bi-directionally. Older motherboard-based ports were bi-directional, but not today's PCIe cards and USB-to-LPT adapters. N1MM's LPT/BCD antenna selection is a one-way message sent to external devices.

>So when selecting the band the correct BCD code has been sent to the interface

Where do you select the band? In N1MM? On your radio? somewhere else? If you're selecting somewhere else, that info does not flow upstream to the logger or the radio.

You might want to consider using TCP/UDP packets if you want bi-directional input and response when changing bands. Take a look at the design for Band Decoding and Remote Antenna control in my freeware FreqEZ program.:

-larry (K8UT)

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I am working here with the N1mm logger + and have successfully setup the Antenna data and mapped it to the LPT port.

So when selecting the band the correct BCD code has been sent to the interface and the correct antenna has been selected.
But is it also possible for the interface to sent a command back to the logger, so that when i manually select a band, the Logger pick's this up and set's the correct band in the program?

FYI,  I am using the logger for Microwave bands and instead of selecting just the antenna, I am selecting the correct transverter etc.
made my own interface for the band/antenna selector.

73, René

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