Questions about N1MM+ with an Elecraft K3s via USB #K3

Peter Dougherty

Hi all,

I'm transitioning away from the Microham MK-II and need to control N1MM via USB exclusively. I managed to get this working once, a long time ago, but for the life of me I can't understand what settings to use now.

With the K3s plugged in to the computer it creates a single COM port, COM-5. I have CAT control working fine and I can assert PTT in one configuration only*, but I can't actually send CW, nor can I send .WAV files. I have no audio cabling connected to the radio at this point; just the single USB connection to a motherboard port on the PC. Where am I going wrong here?

Please 'n' thanx.

* the config that asserts PTT is as follows:

PORT = COM5, RADIO=Elecraft K3, CW/Other=checked, 38400/N/8/1, DTR=CW, RTS=Always Off, check boxes beside "enable both hardware/software PTT, PTT via radio command in both SSB and CW modes; not checked for Digital.

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