Re: Bad cw(uneven spacing)

Girard Donald

Thanks to all of your ideas there are very appreciated, now it used to  worke fine. As most mentioned about timing and part of the computer being busy, I will definetly looke that way and in fact now that you mentioned it, it all make sense......... to be continued...... 


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Are you using a USB to COM port converter? The converters that use a FTDI chipset work well for sending CW. The Prolific chipset based USB to COM converters have long latency and are not suitable for sending CW.


If you are using a FTDI converter with a USB Hub, bypass the hub. Connect the converter directly to the computer.


John, K3CT


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First Thanks for your interest, N1MM keyer, and the sdr anan 10-e has its own but the radio's keyer is working fine only the N1MM weird spacing really hard to copy. Any idea !


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What is the keying method/interface?

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