Re: 2tone gone wild

David Jaffe

I know I restarted N1MM but that was before I realized that the sluggishness was due to the hundred 2tone processes. After I killed them, I may not have restarted N1MM, before it happened for the second time and I had another 100 of them. But at some point I did restart it so maybe that fixed it. Sorry to be was a contest and I didn’t have time for systematic debugging

If 2tone never launches background processes, then I agree that it sounds like an N1MM issue.

Btw is there a way to make 2tone allow scrolling back to see an earlier decode? When I try that , it always goes back to the end and it’s hard to see something I missed .

Or maybe have a log file that has all the decodes (will get large but disks are big these days and could leave a tail process running in a shell.


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