60m QSO - DDE output string incorrectly shows 80m


Hi all,
N1MM+ ver 1.0.7576.0
Windows 10 Home ver 1809

Using the N1MM to Dxkeeper gateway, 60m contacts in N1MM+ are being transmitted with incorrect BAND info in the DDE packet. It is sent as 80m instead of 60m. Sample packet below:
18@03:17:52 DDE: 001log<CALL:5>ZL2AJ <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>599 <FREQ:5>5.353 <BAND:3>80M <FREQ_RX:5>5.353 <BAND_RX:3>80M <MODE:2>CW <QSO_DATE:8>20190318 <TIME_ON:6>031752 <STX:3>117 <SRX:1>0 <PFX:3>ZL2 <CONTEST_ID:2>DX <NAME:4>TEST <STATION_CALLSIGN:5>ZL3GA <OPERATOR:5>ZL3GA <EOR>

Is this a setting issue or?
Thanks and 73
Geoff ZL3GA

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