Re: SO2R 2x590SG playing DVS-2 voice messages #IC7300

Rag LB-Three-RE Stein-Roar

You can use PTT signal out to block the 2nd TX inhibit signal On the rear of 590?

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5. mar. 2019 kl. 21:33 skrev kc2pih <kc2pih@...>:

I don't know of any way to make an absolute hardware TX lockout of the 590.   

A workaround for your issue. Prefix your DVK messages with a CAT command to stop TX on the other radio. For example:


You could also consider using the (TS-590 CAT Command) EX menu command to inhibit TX when needed.  

I think the N1MM team doesn't want to risk suggesting anything like this in case it goes wrong, but the reality of it is, things can go wrong at any time, even under normal and approved uses.   

N1MM doesn't query state like you are suggesting, but for the most part you can setup the macros to do what you need. Luckily you have the 590 where you can force the state you want on both radios.  Radios like the K3 aren't good at this because the macros can't be certain of the state of certain settings (like RX Antenna settings, etc). 

Scott, WU2X

However, the K3 does have a good hardware TX lockout.   

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