Re: COM port problem

Dave Sumner

Thanks for all of the suggestions. In my case it was a real problem because it was blocking communication with the IC-7600 on COM2.

The solution, which seems to be OK so far, was to uninstall COM2 and restart the computer.

Dave K1ZZ

On Monday, March 4, 2019, 5:53:29 PM EST, Peter Krüger <pkfalkensee@...> wrote:

That is not a real problem - I had this for some month but everything was working. The ONLY way to get ride of this message is searching in the registry for the COM2 port - look which other program have it written into the registry and delete this key. That was the way how I could solve the problem - everything else is not working.
(It was a program which never use a com port but allocated a com port somehow in the registry - all other programs I use for ham radio never saw this "problem" - only N1MM+ ...)

Greetings Peter DF1LX

N1mm+Toolbox -> see at 

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