Tune in RTTY Mode

Jim Ciurczak

I recently installed N1MM+ on a new PC and I thought on my previous PC that when running a RTTY contest, if I pressed CTRL T, it would put the rig into CW transmit mode for tuning purposes. When I do that now the rig will switch into CW but does not transmit. I think I have tried just about every setting under the port configurations without any success. The current config is as follows:
COM5 - FT-2000 set for 38400, 8, 2, DTR=PTT, RTS=Always On
COM6 - Digi CW/Other DTR=CW; RTS=Always On
 I have a Winkeyer connected that works fine. The program works in both CW and RTTY. When In CW if I press CTRL T it goes into transmit.

Thanks for any help....Jim k2QB

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