Dominican Republic/Hawaii Disambiguation in NAQP Mults window

Victor Paul

Not a big deal but... on the States/Sections window I had open in this weekend under the "6" column there are rows labelled CA (for California) and HI (supposedly for Hawaii).  I never worked a single Hawaii station, but did work HI8RD on 40 and 80 and both of those squares in the HI row were filled in.  Right clicking on that row and selecting "Show Calls Worked...) shows those two HI8 QSOs.  This may be a problem not with N1MM+ but with the NAQP rules, if they use HI as the exchange element for both Hawaii and the Dominican Republic.  In the log window it did flag the HI8RD QSOs with a Mult 2 indicator instead of Mult 1, so that part is right at any rate.

Also if I pull up the countries multiplier window it lists HI there and shows the two HI8RD Qs as expected.  I wonder if there is the same issue for NAQP CW and NAQP RTTY, probably so. 


Victor WB0TEV / V31VP

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