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I used AHK for several years with N1MM due nordic keyboard issue with any logger...

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2. jan. 2019 kl. 13:51 skrev Tom Wagner (N1MM) <n1mmtomwagner@...>:

Would you provide me with your AHK file? I'm thinking the best solution might be to just provide sample AHK files for a couple of non-USA keyboards and solve it that way.

Post as text, or send direct.


On 1/2/2019 7:49 AM, Björn Ekelund wrote:
Thanks Tom,

Backslash is "AltGr +" and accent grave is actually a prefix key so neither are directly available on Scandinavian keyboard.

I map them to keys that are in the same location as the original keys on a US keyboard (lower left and upper left edges of keyboard) so
that I do not have to retrain my muscle memory should I operate in e.g. the US.


Björn SM7IUN

Den ons 2 jan. 2019 kl 13:34 skrev Tom Wagner (N1MM) <n1mmtomwagner@... <mailto:n1mmtomwagner@...>>:

Good invo Bjorn,

Single quote is handled in the configurer function keys tab, so I
address it.

Accent grave & backlash would be good to fix, but only if they
appear on
non-US keyboards in useful locations.

You say below that you map them to totally different keys. Is that
because the locations of the accent grave and backslash are in
inconvenient locations, or because they do not appear on the
Scandinavian keyboard? It looks to me like they are inconveniently



On 1/2/2019 6:52 AM, Björn Ekelund wrote:
> Due to travel I'm a little late to the party.
> For Scandinavian keyboards the following N1MM Logger+ keys are
> problematic: "Accent grave", "Backslash" and "Alt-Singlequote".
> They all have important functionality in Logger+ but due to Windows
> keyboard mapping none of them exist/work on a Scandinavian keyboard.
> (I rarely use '=" but tested it with 1.0.7422.0 and it works
fine. The
> equal sign is Shift-0 on a Scandinavian keyboard.)
> So far I have been using Autohotkey to remap them to usable keys in
> roughly the same locations (for muscle memory).
> sc029::Send {sc027} ; Scandinavian § (upper left edge of keyboard)
> mapped to US ` (accent grave)
> sc056::Send {sc029} ; Scandinavian < (lower left edge of
keyboard) key
> mapped to US \ (backslash)
> !'::!ä ; Alt-' (singlequote) filter width toggle mapped
correctly for
> Scandinavian keyboard
> 73,
> Björn SM7IUN
> Den lör 29 dec. 2018 kl 00:19 skrev Tom - N1MM <Tom@...
> <mailto:Tom@... <mailto:Tom@...>>>:
> HB9BUN reported a problem with the "=" not working on a German
> keyboard. That problem report led to a solution that may be
> applicable to other keys that have varied locations on
> international keyboards. The "=" fix should work for all windows
> supported keyboards used in their native locales.
> I would like to extend this solution to other keys that
users have
> trouble with on their local keyboards. Please post the keys you
> have trouble with in this thread. It would be nice to
address 3 or
> 4 keys in the Tuesday build to see how well the fix works..
> 73,
> Tom

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