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N1MM+, MMTTY, DX clusters and most amateur radios in FSK mode use the Mark frequency; fldigi uses the centre frequency. Perhaps Win4Yaesu is aligning on the centre frequency instead of the Mark frequency. You'd have to check with Tim va2fsq.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 08:50 AM, Rick I2BRT wrote:
Many thanks for your fast response.

Yes, display frequency on the rig is 14088.01 (same is reported on N1mm).
Yes, FT5K is in RTTY mode (mean FSK) and so VFO should display Mark (carirer with 2125 Hz offest).
Yoy're right , Mark tone should be at 14.088.01 and space -170 Hz (RTTY-Lsb), 14.087.84
Based on this thoughts , I agee that N1MM is correctly drawing the lines on specturm display (while the peaks are wrong).
In Win4YAESU I see now that there is one "global offset" in Scope control panel.
Tried that.

Worked, it moves up/down the drawing of the spectrum.
Correction appears to be more then 170:2, close more or less to -140 Hz (strange… in not 85 I was think to 170 but maybe there are other variables in the equation).

However … I got two new problems now :-) 
I guess "Global offset" means "for every mode", so maybe now in SSB/AM it could be wrong (no mode offset in Win4Yaesu).
I guess the receiver Width passband on Win4Yaesu scope (the grey area) is now offset by my "Global offset"
Am I wrong ?
However I think I also need the help of the "other" TOM :-) mean va2fsq

Rick I2BRT.

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