Re: rtty fldigi Pseudo FSK issue


In the DI window's Setup menu, is the option "Turn AutoTRX Offset On" option checked? If your rig displays the actual Mark frequency on its dial (as most rigs do in FSK mode), then this option should not be checked. It should only be checked if your rig is in a mode like LSB or USB where it displays the suppressed carrier (BFO) frequency. There is also a check box in the DI Settings window called "Display Radio Freq and not Exact Freq in DI Caption". If your radio displays the actual Mark frequency on its dial, this check box should be checked; if your radio displays the suppressed carrier frequency, this check box should be unchecked.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 05:23 AM, iz1fks wrote:

Hi, this is the behaviour I have detected with latest version in RTTY using FLDIGI. hope this could be a simple fix.
73 de Phil, iz1fks/ai4yn

Radio: IC-756proII

FLDIGI: 4.0.18

N1mm: last release, 1.0.7342.0

Radio mode: RTTY  (LSB)

Radio VFO: 21085.48 MHz

Fldigi waterfall frequency (center after align): 21083.28 MHz, this is correct according to  sweet spot of 2200 Hz
requency in bandmap and in n1mm main window is not correct with RTTY (lsb mode).

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