Spectrum display : visual offset #spectrum

Rick I2BRT

HI !

My setup :
  • FT-5000 (set for FRSK and to use high tones for RTTY)
  • IF OUT SdrPlay RSP2
  • Win4Yaesu (set to use RSP2 from IF out)
  • Navigator as FSK interface and soundcard
  • N1MM
All ok.

Just one thing I can't explain.
While in RTTY and perfectly tuned a station (mean : decode correctly and XY scope centered) the Spectum display seems to be centered just only around one of the tones.
"Visually" I would like to have the signal centered in green are (green verticals lines around mark and space).
Is there any place where I can try to adjust this ?

See image to better clarify what I meanĀ 

Many thanks indeed
Rick I2BRT (formerly iu2fgb)

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