Re: SntNR 001 twice

'Zaba' OH1ZAA

Hello Jaan, Steve and Barry!

MWC nor Minitest has a multi-op sub-class. What I may have done is to
log the first QSO with the wrong mode or band, then correct the issue,
and subsequently go for QSO No. 2, however it was displaying 001 for the
serial as well...

Other issues with N1MM+:

It still does not re-score in a way immediately visible to the operator.
One has to close the program first, and then the score has been updated.

Recently upon initiating a new log N1MM+ suggests an initial date 3 - 5
days off. Formerly e.g. the CWops CWT date and time were coming up exactly
right, but now it is not the case.

OKOMDX-CW was still rated at 10 points per QSO, but the rules say 1 point.

Maybe a cache flush for several parameters would be good when initiating
a new log. Mostly a call sign logged in a previous contest is shown above
the field where the new call sign is to be logged (when starting a new log).

After running the VHFNAC on 432 MHz last Tuesday, the band in the CWT-test
was marked as 420000... my fault, I did not choose the band... but it is a
HF-contest, so maybe a reminder could be displayed to choose the right band?

Otherwise I have been running N1MM+ as a stand alone logger (not wired to radio).

Thanks for all your efforts, N1MM+ is a great tool!

Cheers/73, Zaba OH1ZAA

Jaan, SM9X kirjoitti 16.11.2018 09:56:

Hello Barry and Zaba
I'm running single op, and the issue with double SntNR 001, has been
notices in at least two Revisions.
My plan is to write down all steps and see if I can capture the fault.
This week I did run MINITEST and the day before I prepared the two
databases one for 80 meter and the second for 40 meter.
I started to load the 40 meter test and got the issue. When the next
contest started, 1 hour later on 80 meter, the issue didn't occure.
Hope to come back with some detailed analysis on how to reproduce the
regards, Jaan

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