Re: Update today - No Permission - Aborting ??

Richard Stein

I did and bingo! 73, Dick, K2ZR

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Go to the N1MM web site, and manually download and install the update.

Steve, N2IC

On 11/15/2018 03:06 PM, Richard Stein wrote:
Hi Gil & Gerald,

All good but certainly an unusual day. 1^st I have 2 stations that run N1MM+

1._Station A:_Where I got the error message. Pardon the fact that I did not copy
the screen nor do a better job of noting exactly what was said when I got to
abort message. The Fix: I took the step to simply download the latest Update {
Nov 13^th } 1.0.7342.exe from the N1MM site and the Update worked just fine. So
all is good!

2._Station B_opened N1MM+ just fine, no error message! _But_, never got the
usual *_Do You Want To Update Screen_* { 1^st time for that }. So I went to the
N1MM+ site downloaded and “finished” the Nov 13^th Update. All is good except no
clue why I did not get the usual message asking me if I wanted to update. The
ambiguities of the computer ether-world.

Let’s see what happens next Update.

73 and thanks for the interest,

Dick, K2ZR

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*Gerald Boutin (VE1DT)
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On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 02:41 PM, Richard Stein wrote:

Not sure what this is about but when I went to update my laptop today I got a
message that said something like this: *No Permission – Aborting *

Never seen this before & I generally update each week when an N1MM update is

Anyone know what’s happening


Dick, K2ZR


Does the error stil happen or was it a one time event?

The exact wording and where the error came from would help in diagnosing the
issue. If it is an N1MM error, the error message should be in the LogError.txt
file, which is typically stored in: C:\Users\username\Documents\N1MM Logger+

N1MM+ error messages are time stamped and saved in that file.

It could be that your antivirus program was being overly suspicious and caused
this error to show up. To test, you ccn either add an exception to the antivirus
software or just temporarily disable it while doing the update.

Gerald, VE1DT

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