Re: Muting mike audio during message playback not working in Logger+ Audio? #n1mm

Peter Barron

Hi All

I have the same "feature" with my Soundcard as well , it works fine with Config Audio,  in the Windows  Speakers Properties screen I also have a Mic Level window and when I use Configure Audio it shows the Mic as muted  during playback with N1MM Logger+.

But when Logger+ Audio is used , it shows on the Speaker Properties Mic at normal level and on the Record Properties the level rolls back to -186dB. so the through path is still live.

However  if I use the on board  Realtek AC883 HDAUDIO that works the other way??? That is
with Logger+ Audio  the onboard HDAUDIO work fine and mutes, Providing I set "listen  to this device" to ON.

If I use Configure Audio I can't select the MIC to mute on the HDAUDIO chip!!

I have detailed screen snips etc if anyone needs them

Soundcard is Creative Audigy RX 7.1.




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