Sending QTCs in the WAE RTTY contest when using SO2R

Hello all

I use SO2R, and I encountered a problem when sending QTCs.  If I had recently logged a contact (non NA) on the opposite radio AND then received a request for (or asked for) QTCs on the current radio then it would send them on the opposite radio. The current radio had focus, but when I did the CTRL-Z thing it would come up with the last call I had logged on the opposite radio and of course it would transmit QTCs on that radio.   In a couple of cases I forced the QTCs to be sent on the current radio by manually selecting that radio (via> hardware) but this meant that the wrong call was logged with the QTCs being sent. 

I had no problem with receiving QTCs or in sending them if the last logged station  on the opposite radio was from the NA region.

Has anyone else experienced this, or yet again am I the only one?

73, Sam W4PK

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